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To Our Members, Advisors, and Friends,

When changing dynamics in the global marketplace suddenly render the leadership rulebook out-of-date, the value of G100 Network comes alive in new ways for our members.

During the 2008-2009 financial meltdown and subsequent recession, G100 solidified its position as one of the few resources that CEOs could turn to for immediate, pragmatic, and experienced advice and ideas.

A little over a decade later, as these extraordinary times of disruption and uncertainty shake all industries and geographies, we find that—yet again—the impact of shared experiences and collective wisdom knows no bounds. Composed of over 250 companies and more than 500 executives, G100 Network is a strong community of powerful “listening posts” for leaders. Over the past several weeks, we have seen increased engagement across all of our groups. Members have turned to us seeking outside perspective as this unprecedented crisis puts even the most experienced leadership teams in new territory.

In response to the sudden increase in member demand for peer interaction during COVID-19, we moved quickly to leverage technology and our expansive leadership network to provide our members with frequent, direct access to each other and to expert advice:

G100 views this as a time to know our members better. To engage. To deepen and broaden our value proposition. Based on the initial response we’ve seen—in participation, in engagement, in offers to provide mutual support, and in the feedback we’ve received on how to improve—we’re confident we’re on the right track.

Please continue to stay healthy, resilient, and informed as we forge ahead.


Scott Miller

CEO, G100 Companies


G100 is the preeminent executive peer-to-peer convening, learning, and development company. We offer membership programs for CEOs, executive teams, and board directors.

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